How Can I Unlock my iPhone?

Until relatively recently, all iPhones were sold with a SIM lock, software that made it so that you could only use the phone with the phone company that you bought it from. That changed for a number of reasons — including that customers now pay full price for their phones, rather than getting discounts from phone companies in exchange for multi-year contracts — but now you can buy an unlocked phone and use it with whatever phone company you prefer. Here are the answers to the most common questions about the unlocked iPhone. 

What is an unlocked iPhone?  

An unlocked iPhone is a phone that isn't tied to any one phone company. This means that you can use it on any compatible cell phone network as long as you have a service plan with that phone company. It also means that you're not tied to a multi-year contract with the phone company and, assuming your phone is paid off, you're free to switch to another company whenever you want. 

What is the advantage of having an unlocked iPhone?  

The biggest advantage of having an unlocked phone is flexibility. As mentioned in the last section, your phone being unlocked means that you're able to switch to another phone company whenever there are better rates and promotions. Unlocked phones are also useful when traveling overseas since you can get a short-term phone plan from a local phone company instead of using your primary phone company's (potentially expensive) international plans. 

How do I unlock my iPhone?  

There’s an easy solution. I am going to show you how to defeat that dreaded carrier lock and access the full use of your new phone. Unlocking your iPhone with third-party companies, like is as easy as 1-2-3! All you really need is a WiFi Internet connection and the unlock chip! Select the chip depending on which model iPhone you have, order it by pay using your preferred payment method. We'll then send you a small chip with step-by-step instructions on how to complete the process. In under 3 minutes- you'll have an unlocked iPhone!  

Can I use an unlocked iPhone with any phone company?  

Yes. All modern iPhones can work with any major cell phone companies, including the major U.S. carriers AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. This is because they support all phone networks, including but not limited to T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, etc...   

What happens if I am under contract with my network?  

You can still unlock your iPhone even if you have signed a fixed-term contract with your current network carrier. You will NOT have to wait and pay your monthly bills until the contract expires- you'll be able to use your iPhone with any other network.  

What other benefits can I get with an unlocked iPhone?  

 We're so happy you asked! Unlocking your iPhone has a ton of other benefits other than switching carriers. It makes the iPhone a juicier target for traveling business users. This is likely to have a bigger impact on frequent business travelers who are hopping between countries and may not have a company roaming plan. No Contracts- The reason you sign a contract with a carrier when you get a new plan is that you usually sold the phone at a massive discount. The contract is to ensure that the company ends up making its money back from giving you that phone at such a low price. So what happens if you’re bringing your own phone to your new plan? Well, you won’t find any of these companies advertising this, but you can get any of the same plans without the contract. That means you won’t have any penalty if you need to cancel your plan in the future. BINGO!