How Can I Unlock my iPhone at Home?

Happy with your iPhone, but think you’re paying over the odds for data and texts? We’ve all be there, to be honest. Sometimes swapping mobile networks is a good idea, but there might be a slight snag: If your iPhone is locked to a particular network, it’ll need to be unlocked before it will accept your new SIM.
It sounds complicated – and it is. Sorry, about that. Anyway, it’ll be fine, because this handy guide contains all the information you need to know.

How to tell if your iPhone is Locked

Not sure if your phone is locked? Well, this bit’s pretty easy. Just pop out your existing SIM and try the new one. If you bought your iPhone direct from an Apple Store, it’ll be unlocked by default, so swapping between SIMs from different networks is quick and easy – and you shouldn’t even need to restart your phone. 

If however, your iPhone is locked, you’ll get error messages such as “Invalid SIM”, or “No SIM card installed”. This might not mean that your phone is locked – it could just be iOS throwing a fit. If you’re in this bracket, it’s just a simple case of flicking Flight mode on and off and restarting the phone – or just cleaning out some pocket fluff and reseating the SIM card.

Alternatively, go to Settings | General | About and tap “Check for a carrier settings update”.

If you get the “SIM locked” message, though, you’re out of luck and will need to find a way to unlock your phone – and here’s how.

Unlockit SIM allows you to unlock any iPhone to any carrier in under 5 minutes. For a great price, you can now unlock your iPhone at home. sends you the Unlockit SIM along with instructions and the current ICCID code. 
Once you complete the process, your iPhone is unlocked and ready to use!