How to Use Your iPhone Anywhere in the World

For years, one of the biggest issues faced by U.S. travelers attempting to use their phones overseas was the fact that many American carriers — including Sprint and Verizon — use the CDMA network type rather than the more global, GSM network standards. Without getting too technical, CDMA phones don’t generally use SIM cards while GSM phones do (note that some newer CDMA devices now have SIM slots to enable them to access the 4G network, and a few models can be used on either CDMA or GSM networks). In other words, if you have an older phone and use Sprint or Verizon, chances are you might have to purchase a new device while overseas or simply stick to using Wi-Fi. 

However, if you do have a GSM phone (if you use AT&T or T-Mobile, you likely do), getting phone service overseas is as simple as inserting an unlock chip. The unlocking process likely will involve a phone call asking your provider for an unlocking code, but if you are locked into a contract and have yet to fulfill the minimum terms of said contract (often two years of service) or if you are still paying your phone off, the process might be a little more complicated. NOT ANYMORE!

Now you can use your iPhone anywhere in the world using an unlock chip for under $40 depending on your iPhone model.  Online stores such as allow you to purchase an unlock chip to unlock your iPhone in under 3 minutes!  After you have unlocked your phone you'll be basically free to switch carriers, travel the world hassle-free and more.  No more wasting cash on your next overseas trip by using your phone on roaming mode, or making a quick call to check your voicemail or even receiving a text from a loved one. 

The unlock chip is delivered to you with step-by-step instructions and an updated ICCID code that unlocks your iPhone.  If you're having trouble with the unlocking process you can email to resolve your issue. 

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